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About Aaron Stokes:
Aaron is the operator of 6 auto repair shops and the radio show host of "Fixin' Cars with Aaron Stokes" on Nashville's 99.7 WTN. His story is compelling and proves that little is impossible with hard work and determination.

His journey as an auto repair entrepreneur started in 1999 when he was involved in a car crash that left him stranded cashless across state lines, inevitably forcing him to work side jobs and study car repair as a way to fix his vehicle to get back home in Franklin, TN. Fortunately, Aaron had a solid foundation already in basic engine repair as a result of many years of fixing and “tinkering” with dirt-bikes and four-wheelers throughout his childhood. By chance, it was this event that triggered his love for car repair and inspired him to go into business for himself offering fast, convenient and reliable European auto repair. In 1999, Aaron started his first shop in a one car garage near Downtown Franklin. A few months later, he moved his business to an old barn located behind his house in order to be closer to his family. Five years later, solely from the quality of customer satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations, Aaron decided to try and expand Eurofix to a larger location in town. This "tipping point" was the catalyst that paved the way for future locations across Middle Tennessee which grew to 3 successful locations. In 2014, Aaron began the process of expanding again and this lead him to eventually add 1 additional EuroFix store. Then start a new brand of shops focused on American and Asian cars called "AutoFix". AutoFix has 2 locations. Along the way, he also started a Rental Car company and also hosts a very popular local radio show.

Aaron's decision to start Shop Fix Academy began after Aaron and several other shop owners who were friends with Aaron found themselves dissatisfied with other coaching and master mind programs they had joined. They found these other programs to be incredibly expensive, but offer little actual substance in their teachings. Because these friends had watched Aaron use his unique talents and techniques to grow, they encouraged Aaron to begin his own training and coaching program. He decided he wanted his program to be unlike anything else in the market!

When Aaron started Shop Fix Academy, he didn't want it to be like the other coaching companies that charged a fortune, but delivered weak content and little value. That's why Shop Fix Academy goes deeper, offers more content, and provides more value than anything else. We aren't looking to get rich off the backs of fellow shop-owners... we are looking to change the independent automotive industry from the owners down.
Articles by Aaron:
The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that small businesses spend anywhere from 2 to 10 percent of their gross sales on advertising. While I think that advertising is a worthwhile expense, I often encounter entrepreneurs who have launched ad campaigns without READ MORE...
Auto Repair Shop Management Challenges and Solutions - Motor Age 7/7/17

The Fixer: The Key to Building a Team You Can Trust - Ratchet+Wrench Magazine, July 2017
Isn’t that always the go-to response? Don’t worry; I’m not judging here. I literally just gave the same answer to someone a moment before writing this. We all have a lot going on. Right now, my family and I are moving into a new house (which, obviously, means selling the original one, finalizing last-minute fixes and work on the new one, packing and unpacking—and all those other fun things you often forget until the last minute). I’m also setting up my next meeting for my group of shops that I coach. And there’s that whole 
The Fixer: The Big Picture - Ratchet+Wrench Magazine, August 2017
Picture yourself in a cornfield, or a maze, or surrounded by really tall weeds. Whatever it is, you can’t see a clear way out. Sure, there might be a path in front of you—or maybe in a number of directions—but you have no way to know if that’s the path you need to take to escape.

You’re lost. You’re stuck.

And it’s not because
The Fixer: Get on the Path to Success
- Ratchet+Wrench Magazine, June 2017
Trust me, I know just how you feel. I remember feeling the exact same way, and it wasn’t even that long ago. Even from the beginning with my business, I was trying to learn, I was trying to find the right ways to do things—the strategies, processes, overall business philosophies that have led so many others to success. And I did learn a lot. But nothing changed. And there wasn’t a tangible reason why. 

I can remember—clear as anything—trying to
Doug Rogers of Autohaus | Raleigh, NC

"So, I took my eye off the ball, and watched my business decline by 40% over a 2 year period. Getting involved with ShopFix Academy helped me begin to see my business with new eyes, and renewed enthusiasm! I trimmed unproductive staff members, implemented a few new systems, reclaimed my sales counter, and watched my ARO more than DOUBLE in the first 2 weeks. One simple, inexpensive marketing idea paid for itself the very first day, and has been pure profit since then. Most importantly, I am having FUN doing it! I actually ENJOY owning a shop again."
Ashleigh Lucas of Lucas Auto Car | Cypress, TX

"I've worked with Aaron for several months now and he has really opened our eyes. He taught us that we were being "situational managers". We fix things ourselves as they arise. The reason our second location failed, is because we couldn't be two places at once. Aaron, has been coaching us and helping us build trainable systems that allow us to have a staff that can operate independently. Aaron has also been able to help us do a cost analysis on our budget to help us maximize our spending. I could actually go on and on about the things that Aaron has taught us."
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