Aaron Stokes is a passionate entrepreneur who loves Auto Repair
Aaron is the operator of 6 auto repair shops & a rental car company, and the radio show host of "Fixin' Cars with Aaron Stokes" on Nashville's 99.7 WTN. His story is compelling and proves that little is impossible with hard work and determination.
His journey as an auto repair entrepreneur started in 1999 when he was involved in a car crash that left him stranded cashless across state lines, inevitably forcing him to work side jobs and study car repair as a way to fix his vehicle to get back home in Franklin, TN. Fortunately, Aaron had a solid foundation already in basic engine repair as a result of many years of fixing and “tinkering” with dirt-bikes and four-wheelers throughout his childhood. By chance, it was this event that triggered his love for car repair and inspired him to go into business for himself offering fast, convenient and reliable European auto repair. In 1999, Aaron started his first shop in a one car garage near Downtown Franklin. A few months later, he moved his business to an old barn located behind his house in order to be closer to his family. Five years later, solely from the quality of customer satisfaction and word of mouth recommendations, Aaron decided to try and expand Eurofix to a larger location in town. This "tipping point" was the catalyst that paved the way for future locations across Middle Tennessee which grew to 3 successful locations. In 2014, Aaron began the process of expanding again and this lead him to eventually add 1 additional EuroFix store. Then start a new brand of shops focused on American and Asian cars called "AutoFix". AutoFix has 2 locations. Along the way, he also started a Rental Car company and also hosts a very popular local radio show.
Aaron's decision to start Shop Fix Academy began after Aaron and several other shop owners who were friends with Aaron found themselves dissatisfied with other coaching and master mind programs they had joined. They found these other programs to be incredibly expensive, but offer little actual substance in their teachings. Because these friends had watched Aaron use his unique talents and techniques to grow, they encouraged Aaron to begin his own training and coaching program. He decided he wanted his program to be unlike anything else in the market!
When Aaron started Shop Fix Academy, he didn't want it to be like the other coaching companies that charged a fortune, but delivered weak content and little value. That's why Shop Fix Academy goes deeper, offers more content, and provides more value than anything else. We aren't looking to get rich off the backs of fellow shop-owners... we are looking to change the independent automotive industry from the owners down.
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Powerful Free Training For Auto Repair Shop Owners

Do you dream about the next step in your growth process?

Don't let cars sit on your lifts preventing you from making profits.

A quick example of one of our MANY loaner vehicles.

Do you need some inspiration for your waiting room? Here are some examples of a couple of ours.

Here are a couple of ideas of how we took an ugly shop and transformed it into a nice looking building.

It costs you $$$ to acquire customers. So make sure you keep them!

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Pick a Membership Level + Additional Training
At our core, we are a training company. We provide THE BEST, most thorough training to repair shop owners. We offer this training through our memberships and our AMI Certified courses. 
Option 1:
Club Level Membership
  • Exclusive Training Video Sessions: HD Quality training sessions featuring Aaron and his team. Topics are designed to help you gain the skills, tools, and motivation to grow your shop and make more money. 
  • Monthly Group Live Training Calls: Learn powerful lessons and keen gain insights you can use at your shop taught live by Aaron and his team. 
  •  Mastermind Gathering "Test Drive": Visit one of our Mastermind Gatherings.
Option 2: 
Mastermind Level Membership
  •  Everything in Club Level, PLUS:
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching and Training Calls: Interact with Aaron and his team, ask questions, and learn exclusive lessons during these powerful calls. 
  • Mastermind Gatherings:  These 3 day intensive training gatherings are an incredible opportunity to learn directly from Aaron and meet other like-minded shop owners... and have some fun along the way. 
  •   Private Facebook Group: Interact with other shop owners who are interested in creating their best shops. 
Member Add-On or Buy Seperately:
AMI Certified Training Courses for Shop Owners
  • Members and Non-Members can learn from Aaron through our 90+ Video AMI Certified Course Library. Completion of all courses in this library provides 32 AMI credits.  Some of the topics:
  •  Shop Setup
  •  Sales & Customer Service
  •  Marketing & Branding
  •  Personal Development
  •  Accounting & Admin
  •  Employee Relations
  •  Growing your Current Shop
  •  Expanding to Multiple Shops
  •  Plus more! 
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1. All Member Benefit: Member's Only Training Sessions
Members of all levels receive access to exclusive video sessions by Aaron and his team! 
These sessions provide training, motivation, and important lessons that will help you grow personally and professionally. New sessions are released every month! Sessions can be viewed on a computer, phone or tablet.

Members-Only Session: "Is Your Staff Holding Back Your Car Count?"

Members-Only Session: "Picking Out the PERFECT Location for Your Shop" 

Members-Only Session: "How To Ask the BEST Questions to Hire the BEST People"

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2. Mastermind Level Benefit: Mastermind Gatherings
Our January 2017 Gathering!
What's a Mastermind Gathering?
Mastermind Gatherings are POWERFUL events we hold for our Mastermind Level members. These 3 day intensive workshops take place 3-4 times a year. Attendees gain powerful training to help grow their shops, and get to hang out with other like-minded shop owners.

Not only to these sessions provide incredible training, they also allow owners to have some fun with curated meals, fun outings and more. 
These are a member favorite!

Mastermind Members enjoy free access to these sessions.

(food and lodging not included)

3. All Member Benefit: LIVE Group Training Video Calls
Live Group Training and Coaching Calls
Our members get training and coaching LIVE from Aaron and his team through these POWERFUL group video calls. These calls allow members to get fresh insight on a monthly basis which they can bring back to their shops.
  •  Club Level Members: Receive 1 hour long call per month. 
  • Mastermind Members: Receive 2 hour long calls per month.
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4. Membership Add-On: AMI Certified 90+ Video Course Library
Ready to take your skills as an owner to the next level? Purchasing access to our AMI Certified Course Library! Through this 90+ session course you'll gain the knowledge you can use to transform your shop!

  •  Designed for all levels of experience: New to the industry? Owned a shop for years? There is something for everyone. Sessions created to be easy to follow, yet provide depth. 
  •  More than just videos: Includes infographics and handouts to help augment the recorded sessions. 
  •  Professional Quality: All sessions are studio quality and filmed in HD.
  •  Broad Course of Study: Virtually every area of shop ownership is covered including: Shop Setup, Models and Systems, Sales, Employee Relations, Marketing, Branding, Accounting, Administration, Shop Growth, Going Multi-Location, Personal Development, and More. 
  •  AMI Accredited: Those who complete the course will receive 32 AMI certification credits. 

The most prepared you have ever been for success!

Having a strategy is the only way to see growth in your shop.

Personal development is a large part of you getting to the next level in your business. Learn the importance of your personal growth.

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