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Membership and Courses
We offer both membership and courses to help our members transform their shops. Scroll down to see our offerings. 
  • Get Coaching: Get coaching from the Shop Fix coaches to help you grow your shop and make more progress in less time
  •  New exclusive content always being added: You'll be able to constantly grow and learn so you can stay competitive in your market.
  •  Attend Mastermind Gatherings: Enables you to meet other shop owners in person and get exclusive training from Aaron and his friends.  
  •  Attend Group Calls: Enables you to get live training from Aaron in a group setting which means opportunities to improve yourself and your shop are always happening.
  •  Get Access to a Private Facebook Page: Allows you to interact with other shop owners without traveling so you can support each other and ask questions.
Mastermind Membership
per month, OR 297 per week. no contract.
  • Includes Free Access to Driving Growth Video Course (93 HD Videos + Infographics)
  • Quarterly Mastermind Gatherings in Nashville with Aaron
  • Exclusive login for Employee Training
  • 2 Monthly Group Video Calls with Aaron
  • Exclusive Facebook Group with Aaron
  • Exclusive Training Videos released every quarter
What is a Mastermind Gathering?
Mastermind Gatherings are POWERFUL events we hold for our Mastermind Level members. These 3 day intensive workshops take place 3-4 times a year. Attendees gain powerful training to help grow their shops, and get to hang out with other like-minded shop owners.

Not only do these sessions provide incredible training, they also allow owners to have some fun with curated meals, fun outings and more. 
These are a member favorite!

Mastermind Members enjoy free access to these sessions.

(food and lodging not included)
Driving Growth Video Courses
  • HD Quality Videos: Easily access videos from phone, tablet or pc, so you're able to learn from anywhere which means you'll grow faster.
  • Infographics: Infographics provided which can be printed out and given to staff or displayed in shop which  allows you to drive home the lessons in the videos.
  •  Learn from Aaron at your own pace: Can be watched over and over which enables you to learn at your own pace from Aaron so you can catch everything in the lessons and then go teach it to your shop.
Available Modules
Make 6 easy-to-implement changes to your shop that will give you an immediate boost to your bottom line. 
Learn how to brand and market your shop without gimmicks or wasting your money. 
Your shop can only grow as much as it's leader. You MUST work on yourself in order to succeed. 
Once car count goes up, so can chaos! This module gives you the models and systems to restore order to the shop.
Having an effective accounting program will give you powerful data and protect your money. 
Your people are your MOST important asset. Learn how to hire, train, and manage better than ever before. 
Learn how to take maximize your current shops potental without increasing stress. 
It's all about sales! This module is designed to give you and your staff the training needed to explode sales. 
Go multi-location without going crazy! Learn from the lessons Aaron learned from his expansion. 
OR... Purchase the entire course and save $$$$
Best Value!
Billed one time. 30 day money back promise!
  • Includes ALL 9 Modules (93 Videos)
  • Includes ALL Infographics
  • Includes BONUS videos (20 videos)
12 Payments
Billed monthly for 12 months. 30 day money back promise!
  • Includes ALL 9 Modules (93 Videos)
  • Includes ALL Infographics
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