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Shop Fix Academy Stats

Member Revenues

Shop Fix Academy currently coaches over 1.2 BILLION dollars in auto repair revenue. While the dream of many is to hit that elusive 1 Million dollar a year mark, our members go 2x, 3x, 4x, and beyond. Bottom line, if you want to grow, then Shop Fix Academy can help you get there.

Our Facilities

As the fastest-growing automotive repair coaching company, we have constantly reinvested in our members by expanding our facilities and amenities. In 2016 we started in the attic of one of our shops and operated our meetings out of hotels. Soon after, we expanded into our first training facility, which was 25,000 sq feet and served us for about 2 years. Currently, to accommodate our explosive growth, we now reside in a nearly 100,000 sq foot world-class training facility which includes 3 general session rooms, countless classrooms, a grand hall, our recording studios, and our staff offices.

Giving Back to The Industry

Our drive is to change the industry. In order to do that, we recognize we must reach those outside of our walls too which is why we host free trainings, a WILDLY active facebook group, and more.

We are global!

Shop Fix Academy clients are currently represented in 46 states in the US. We also serve members across Canada and abroad. If you've got a shop, we've got the tools and community to help you reach your goals.

35+ Coaches

Our coaches are SHOP OWNERS. They create strategies for members based on their EXPERIENCE. Our coaches come from all walks of and types of shops, so there is someone that fits everyone. Our coaches only coach small groups, which ensures our members get the attention they deserve.

500+ Training Videos and Counting...

We've got a video or course for just about every issue, question, problem, or goal related to your shop. Our videos can be watched from any device. Our videos aren't boring lectures... they are to-the-point, actionable, and deep. Frankly, they are a addictive.

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We are looking to change the independent automotive industry.

Shop Fix Academy aims to go deeper, offer high quality content, and provide as much value as possible through free and paid training, live events, and online groups. We aren’t looking to get rich off the backs of fellow shop-owners.  We are looking to change the independent automotive industry from top to bottom.

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“We’ve worked with Aaron for several months now and he has really opened our eyes. He taught us that we were being “situational managers.” We fix things ourselves as they arise. The reason our second location failed is because we couldn’t be in two places at once. Aaron has been coaching us and helping us build trainable systems that allow us to have a staff that can operate independently. Aaron has also been able to help us do a cost analysis on our budget to help us maximize our spending. I could actually go on and on about the things that Aaron has taught us.”

— Ashleigh Lucas of Lucas Auto Car

Cypress, TX

“I took my eye off the ball and watched my business decline by 40% over a 2-year period. Getting involved with Shop Fix Academy helped me begin to see my business with new eyes and renewed enthusiasm!  I trimmed unproductive staff members, implemented a few new systems, reclaimed my sales counter, and watched my ARO more than DOUBLE in the first two weeks. One simple, inexpensive marketing idea paid for itself the very first day and has been pure profit ever since. Most importantly, I am having FUN! I actually ENJOY owning a shop again.”

— Doug Rogers of Autohaus
Raleigh, NC

Meet Aaron Stokes

Shop Owner & Founder of Shop Fix Academy

Founder of Shop Fix Academy + Driving Growth

Aaron Stokes has been in the automotive industry since 1999 and owns 9 shops (and growing) in the Middle Tennessee Area. A

Aaron started Shop Fix Academy after he and his repair shops an unexpected and extremely challenging obstacle. He almost lost everything. Soon after, other shop owners began seeking his advice. It was clear he was operating his shops with a level of expertise that matched what they needed. Eventually, Aaron created a course teaching what he learned, and thus Shop Fix Academy was born. Little did he know at the time what it would eventually become and how many lives it would impact. 

Aaron still owns his shops and is the founder and lead teacher for Shop Fix Academy. Clients of Shop Fix Academy have expressed that the courses, conferences, 1-on-1 coaching, speeches, and other content is so effective because they combine a level of depth that any shop size shop can deploy while also being simple to understand — no boring lectures or time-wasting coaching calls. 

Aaron’s aim through Shop Fix Academy is to provide more value to the industry than anyone else and to transform the industry. 

Learn more about Aaron’s story by watching our 30 min film HERE

"I aim to give away more for free than any other program offers with their membership."

-Aaron Stokes, Founder

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